Know_Vietnam Myanmar Plastic Rubber Directory Online 23:24:52<![CDATA[Questions and answers of plastic and mold people]]> 14:43:16<![CDATA[Is it worth it to work in an injection plastics factory without a break?]]> 11:20:57<![CDATA[Is it better to learn auto repair or injection molding machine?]]> 08:52:24<![CDATA[As a mold engineer, what is your daily work like?]]> 18:06:00<![CDATA[What are the better mold learning methods?]]> 17:31:35<![CDATA[Why is it so expensive to make molds? Can you talk about molds in detail?]]> 17:31:21<![CDATA[Why are there fewer and fewer mold apprentices now?]]> 17:24:01<![CDATA[How to manage outsourcing parts for machining?]]> 21:23:33<![CDATA[How to control too many defective products in the injection molding factory?]]> 21:21:58<![CDATA[What is the essence of injection molding workshop management?]]> 21:19:32<![CDATA[What do the injection pressure, speed and position represent?]]> 21:17:21<![CDATA[Which is better, injection molding department or mold department?]]> 21:12:26<![CDATA[I have been engaged in injection molding industry for 7 years. Which direction should I develop in ?]]> 21:10:24<![CDATA[What are the problems and solutions of injection molding deformation?]]> 14:39:57<![CDATA[Can injection molding be done for a long time?]]> 14:37:38<![CDATA[What should I do if the mold factory doesn't inject injection molding for us?]]> 14:18:03<![CDATA[Is it possible for injection molding workers to "change jobs" to work in other industries?]]> 14:15:57<![CDATA[In the future, there are only three kinds of people in the injection molding factory·····]]> 14:14:30<![CDATA[Is it easy to find a job for the dispatcher in the injection molding factory?]]> 14:06:30<![CDATA[How to calculate the cost of injection molded parts?]]> 14:05:44<![CDATA[How does the injection molding industry need to go?]]> 14:00:33<![CDATA[What is the future of injection molding technicians?]]> 13:59:24<![CDATA[Injection molding quotation does not ask for people. Do you understand injection molding?]]> 13:57:06<![CDATA[Which brand of injection molding machine has better cost performance?]]> 13:53:42<![CDATA[What are the strong brands of injection molding machines?]]> 13:49:59<![CDATA[Are you a qualified injection molding person?]]> 13:45:35<![CDATA[What is the purpose of backflow? It should be to prevent the plastic from flowing back in the cavity]]> 13:43:10<![CDATA[Is there any way to prevent corrosion of the screw!]]> 13:40:55<![CDATA[Is the barrel temperature of the injection molding machine high?]]> 12:02:35<![CDATA[Is there any correct solution for glue leakage of injection molding machine?]]> 12:00:57<![CDATA[Dare you buy a miscellaneous injection molding machine in 2003?]]> 11:44:29<![CDATA[What are the two mold adjustment keys of the injection molding machine?]]> 11:41:48<![CDATA[Please talk about the years you have been in the mold industry, what have you gained?]]> 11:37:15<![CDATA[What kind of production does the manufacturing mold belong to?]]> 11:31:40<![CDATA[What determines the thickness of each steel plate in molds such as cold stamping or injection molds?]]> 11:29:02<![CDATA[Can I buy an injection molding machine and do it myself?]]> 11:23:35<![CDATA[he promised to refund the money if there was a quality problem of the mold]]> 11:16:23<![CDATA[We have two injection molding machines producing soy sauce bottles,how much money can we make a year]]> 11:11:42<![CDATA[Why are there not many technical exchange websites in the injection molding industry?]]> 11:08:21<![CDATA[I opened a new injection molding factory. Is there a future?]]> 11:06:06<![CDATA[How to set the injection speed, position and pressure during plastic injection molding?]]> 11:04:47<![CDATA[What effect will high injection pressure have on the material?]]> 11:03:14<![CDATA[What are the current common problems in the injection molding industry?]]> 11:02:15<![CDATA[Which brand of injection molding machine is better?]]> 11:00:07<![CDATA[Are stars really beautiful in reality?]]> 10:48:13<![CDATA[Why do people with higher positions not reject work, especially some leaders are overtime maniacs?]]> 10:43:58<![CDATA[When did you find that your thoughts are actually sick?]]> 10:42:14<![CDATA[Is China's new marriage law increasingly unfair to women?]]> 10:41:03<![CDATA[What is the most disgusting thing you have ever encountered?]]> 10:40:07<![CDATA[What ulterior secrets have you discovered from your boss?]]> 10:38:472019香蕉在线观看直播视频,2019香蕉在线观看直播,2019香蕉直播女人男人做人爱 - 主页